To better understand how cloud analytics is changing the competitive landscape and unlocking company potential specifically for the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) functions, CorporateLeaders in partnership with IBM are hosting the Executive Roundtable Meeting on “Unlocking the Power of Cloud Analytics”. This exclusive meeting takes place on 16th September from 16:30 to 21:30 at the Salons Waerboom in Groot-Bijgaarden (just outside of Brussels).

The meeting brings together CIOs, CFOs and CMOs to share, discuss and debate the role and impact cloud analytics has on each function. The agenda is built around cross-functional networking over an exclusive wine tasting session linked to analytics and presentations and interactive group discussions over dinner where you will hear from:

  • Cedric Mulier, Analytics Country Manager at IBM Belux, on the benefits of analytics
  • Geert Hallemeesch, Partner at Deloitte Belgium, about how cloud analytics drives competitive advantage
  • Stefaan Claes, International CRM & Digital Marketing Director at Kinepolis, on unlocking the power of analytics in marketing
  • CFO, CIO and CMO of IBM Benelux for group discussions
  • Your peers on cloud analytics opportunities, trends and challenges

In this social and mobile driven world, data analytics is the starting point to a more customer-centric organization. Accessing and analyzing internal and external data grants a more vivid picture of your business. This helps you to move with speed and reduces the time between insight and action. More importantly, data forms the basis for new kinds of competitive advantage and new business models. But building enterprise-grade analytics capabilities in-house requires a significant investment in infrastructure and advanced technical skills. This is influencing many leaders to turn to cloud technology.

Analytics helps your organization to understand what happened, why it happened (descriptive analytics), and what is likely to happen next (predictive analytics). It even helps to define the best course of action, as real-time data can be part of your analyses (prescriptive analytics). Delivering self-service access to data, content and analytics will enable your workforce to make better decisions. 

Reasons to Attend

"Not only did I have the opportunity to learn from others' experiences but, I also met very interesting and inspiring people"

Isaac Sheps
CEO, Carlsberg UK



Get access to:

  • Thought provoking insights and advise from senior executives driving higher performance
  • Exclusive interactive roundtable discussion where the gloves come off and critical business issues are discussed and solved
  • Intimate and unparalleled networking opportunity with like-minded executives
  • A confidential forum to share, exchange, and test new ideas
  • Unique opportunity to learn from a peer network
  • An overview of the latest state-of-the art business trends and academic research




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