Business Alignment

Is your business aligned to optimise business growth?

A CorporateLeaders Partner Consulting Service

How many times have you pulled out all the steps to generate business leads and contacts, only to find your colleagues have other priorities ……so the result is mediocre?

We hear this problem time after time. Businesses are not aligned to maximise the impact of growth generating activities. They pour money into events and other marketing only to find that the people that will make the event a great success are busy elsewhere. They generate leads only to see those leads evaporate as if they had never been there.

It feels like pushing water up hill. You pour energy into making it a success, just to see the opportunities drain away before your very eyes.

Fast Growth Companies

For 20 years we have researched fast growing companies. The alignment in these companies is impressive- they are all pulling together in the same direction. Their results are superb - profitable revenue increasing at 15% or more, year after year, whatever the economy is doing!

Isn’t that what your Manager and CEO dream of?
Wouldn’t you like results like that on your CV?

Business alignment for growth service

CorporateLeaders’ business growth partner, Strategenic Ltd. has designed a service to help companies generate powerful growth in the minimum amount of time.

It involves:

  • An evaluation
    • comparing your business against the firms growing powerfully year after year so that you can pinpoint exactly where the gaps lie
  • A workshop
    • where we agree how best to address the biggest gaps - making it clear to all which exact steps will bring about business alignment and powerful growth
  • An agreement
    • of exactly which gaps to fix first and how you will go about it

We do this with clients, either with regards to a specific business growth initiative, or to ensure overall business alignment so that you also enjoy growth year after year.

The wonderful benefits of business alignment

  • Maximise the impact of all your staff
  • Multiply the results from each event, marketing and sales initiative
  • Increase staff morale
  • You will gain credibility from your biggest prospects as you impress them with how well your people work together

Take the first step to multiplying leads:

  • Call Jane Bromley from Strategenic on +44 207 0604 007 or email her at to talk through your situation.
  • Or call Andre Rampat on +32 472 434 731 or email him at to hear why CorporateLeaders chose Strategenic as their preferred partner.

About Strategenic Ltd.

Strategenic is a management consultancy that is dedicated to:

  • Delivering outstanding results through excellent strategic planning for growth
  • Continually improving performance
  • Creating an environment that is so inspiring it brings out the very best in everyone

Strategenic have a track record of delivering excellent results for clients (click here for examples), across Europe and USA.

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