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Digital Transformation: The Unbeatable Power of a Data Driven Approach

Pascal Smits
Global Head of Digital Growth, Philips Lighting

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The Transformation Trifecta: A Winning Strategy to Accelerating Digital Transformation Through Leadership

Joseph Press
Global Innovator & Strategic Advisor, Center for Creative Leadership

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Digital Transformation Readiness Survey Report
To find out how organisations are preparing for digital transformation from a strategy and leadership perspective, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and CorporateLeaders surveyed senior European executives on how organisations are going about it, what are the main barriers, and which strategies are the most successful.


Playing the Digital Transformation Game
Digital Transformation is without a doubt one of today’s most popular business buzzwords. Organizations spend millions on projects to transform processes, products and people. Many leaders employ consultants to define and implement transformation. 


Leadership, Disrupted How to Prepare Yourself to Lead in a Disruptive World
In this white paper, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) frames the leadership challenge by describing how we got here and where we need to be. We provide insights from our global experiences of preparing leaders for disruption, specifically the need to disrupt your role, your identity, and your meaning. 



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